Leadership is one of our differentiating strengths at AAP. To efficiently execute your project, you require a strong, highly motivated team using the right tools to carry out and interpret results from well-executed experiments. Leadership is the key component that makes all of this happen. At AAP we have the right leadership.

Sreenu Guntha – Our Managing Director

Greg Reid – Our Project Management Partner

Uttam Dash – Our First Group Leader

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Welcome to Design3edge AAP was founded in 2008 with the belief that a high-quality custom synthesis company in India was the ideal partner for American companies looking to outsource such work. Our name, AAP, is an acronym for Asian American Partners. We are self-financed, starting with a very modest operation in 2010. We have since grown to 15 employees. In that time we have completed more than 50 synthesis projects – some small and some quite large, including one that required 14 steps and another where we delivered more than 50 kg of a regulatory starting material. We have succeeded on projects that others have given up on.


Resources Our Chemistry Staff

The core of our team of chemists is composed of experienced chemists with MS degrees. The range in experience for our whole team is from years to recent graduates, with the experienced chemists coming from the regions top CROs. Our rigorous recruiting process insures that they have the right combination of knowledge and experience, and that they will thrive in the different workplace culture at AAP.

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