Leadership is one of our differentiating strengths at AAP. To efficiently execute your project, you require a strong, highly motivated team using the right tools to carry out and interpret results from well-executed experiments. Leadership is the key component that makes all of this happen. At AAP we have the right leadership.

Sreenu Guntha
Sreenu Guntha – Managing Director

Sreenu graduated in 1995 from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in Hyderabad, India, where he studied carbohydrate chemistry under the guidance of Dr. Hari Babu Mereyala. After earning his PhD he moved on to do postdoctoral work with Professor Albert Eschenmoser at both the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland and at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. He then joined AMRI as a Research Scientist in early 2001and in mid 2005 he relocated back to Hyderabad as Pert of the leadership team to establish a new research center for AMRI.

In 2007 Sreenu was hired as Senior Director of Process R&D at Sai Advantium Pharma (Sai), one of the fastest growing CRO’s in India. While there, Sreenu recruited an impressive staff of senior scientists and fundamentally changed the lab culture by insisting on accountability and project ownership among the R&staff. In late 2008 he left Sai to found AAP Pharma Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. where he has continued this practice with great success.

Greg Reid
Greg Reid – Project Manager Partner

Greg earned his PhD in 1983 at the University of Wisconsin carrying out natural product total synthesis with Professor Edwin Vedejs. He then continued with natural product total synthesis as a postdoc at Harvard University with Professor E. J. Corey. Greg’s first industrial position was as a Scientist in Process R&D at the Upjohn Company, which was followed by his first lab managerial experience as a Department Head in Chemical Development at BMS in Syracuse, NY.

In 1998 Greg left BMS to co-found American Advanced Organics (AAO), a CRO which established a reputation for fast and reliable kilo lab synthesis. During its first two years in operation, AAO successfully completed more than 90 custom synthesis projects, with many of them involving the initial scale up of a synthesis. In 2000, AAO was sold to AMRI, where Greg ultimately relocated to Albany and became Senior Director of Chemical Development. In 2004 Greg became Site Director at the Cambrex Centre for Technical Excellence where he was responsible for contract process R&D and kilo lab GMP synthesis. In late 2005 he accepted a two-year faculty position at Union College and in 2007 he joined Sai Advantium Pharma as Senior Vice President of Process and Scale Up. While at Sai Greg recruited Sreenu for a second time. In 2009 Greg accepted the position of Vice President of Technology at PCI Synthesis in Massachusetts where he was responsible for R&D, kilo scale GMP synthesis and project management. He left PCI in 2012 to become a consultant to the pharma industry.

Uttam Dash
Uttam Dash – Group Leader

Uttam earned his Masters degree in organic chemistry from Vidya Sagar Unviersity (West Bengal) . He then joined Indian Institute of Chemical technology (IICT), Hyderabad to pursue his Ph.D. under Dr. J.S. Yadav, Director. He has completed his Ph.D. work and submitted his thesis in November 2011 and joined AAP. In December 2011.

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