Resources (Our Team)
Sreenu Guntha – Managing Director

The core of our team of chemists is composed of experienced chemists with MS degrees. The range in experience for our whole team is from years to recent graduates, with the experienced chemists coming from the regions top CROs. Our rigorous recruiting process insures that they have the right combination of knowledge and experience, and that they will thrive in the different workplace culture at AAP.

Resources (Facility)
Our Facility

AAP is located in the prestigious Alexandria Knowledge Park in the booming Genome Valley, just north of Hyderabad. DuPont, Novartis, USP, and many of India’s best known CROs have all located labs in this region, making it one of the fastest growing R&D clusters in the world.

AAP started operations with 4 fume hoods and added another 4 in its second year. It has now outgrown this modest lab and will add more space with 18 additional fume hoods, in late summer 2012. All of these labs are located together in Alexandria’s Innovation Center.

Resources (Equipment)
Our Equipment

Recognizing that productivity is the key to both speed and cost-efficiency, AAO has invested aggressively in lab synthesis equipment. As a result, AAP scientists have well-equipped and modern labs, allowing them to regularly achieve our goal of going from idea to experiment in 15 minutes or less.

Alexandria has generously provided the facility with general use analytical instruments, supplementing the equipment that AAP has acquired for its own use. AAP scientists routinely monitor their experiments by HPLC and GC Plans are in place and funding has been received by Alexandria for further expansion of the facility’s analytical lab, which will allow the addition a high-field NMR spectrometer and LC-MS in late 2012.

For analytical support not available in-house, AAP works with Laxai , one of our local partners offering a wide range of analytical services

Resources (Partners)
AAP’s expertise and focus is organic synthesis. We look to our partners to support our projects with their expertise. The following partners allow us to provide additional expertise to our customers:
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