Resources (Partners)

Greg Reid

Greg Reid is a chemistry consultant focused on process chemistry and project management. Since co-founding American Advanced Organics in 1998, Greg has spent all but two years in leadership roles at CROs. In addition to process R&D, he has also had responsibility for manufacturing (from kilo lab to full scale, including both GMP and non-GMP) and project management. He has prepared estimates and assisted in creating proposals for hundreds of projects (with both Indian and US-based CROs) and has had full P&L responsibilities in various settings.

Greg helps to guide AAP efforts on process R&D projects and also provides general assistance with troubleshooting and problem solving.


Laxai is a local CRO specializing in analytical support. They are located less than 1 km from AAP and have been providing analytical support since AAP’s founding. As AAP adds its own analytical capabilities, we still rely on Laxai for method development, LC-MS and NMR support. Laxai has often provided our customers with a good head start on method development and has even provided validated methods in some cases.


Sainor is best known as the largest manufacturer of butyllithium (and other reactive organometallics) in India. It is their highly capable plant, their attention to detail and their focus on safety that attracted AAP’s interest. They are also located just a few km away from AAP’s facility. Sainor has several reactors that they allow AAP scientists to use for scaling up reactions. The availablereactors include both glass-lined and stainless steel and range in size from All AAP feantions lassied out of sainer are done by AAP scientists

Syntho Chirals

Syntho Chirals has a well-equipped kilo lab and plant in Bidar, a 2-hour drive from AAP. When the chemistry to be scaled requires a kilo lab or reactors with specific capabilities not available at Sainor, the work is scheduled and carried out at Syntho Chirals. In addition to a versatile kilo lab, Syntho Chirals has a reactor capable of cryogenic temperatures. They also have reactors up to 5000 L for very large scale synthesis. All AAP reactions carried out at Syntho Chirals are done by AAP staff who are housed in Bidar for the duration of the project.

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